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About Token

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RemeX is a token introduced by AGAFOS - a project lead by an experienced and enthusiastic team aimed at making online marketing creative and fun. Using blockchain technology the team is building a decentralized user-generated system that makes ads pleasant and resourceful.

Anti-dumping solution Team and the Private sale participants are limited to sell more than 25% quarterly.

Deflationary mechanism 1.
2% is added to liquidity.

3% will be a reward for holding - we are committed to a long-term project; holders are the most welcome!.

No mint function. No more RemeX token can ever be created.

Deflationary mechanism 2.
1% is burning to increase the value of the token.

1% goes to charity. The projects will be decided upon the community voting.

The Problem / Market challenges


Nowadays, customers perceive advertising as intrusive and distracting.Many studies conclude “People hate advertising and it’s all advertisers’ fault.


Negative attitudes towards advertising are caused by their excessive quantity, which is fatiguing for the consumer. The annoying advertisement spreads through all types of channels and it is not so easy to get rid of it. Particularly irritating is the fact that the advertisers are offered to pay a certain fee to protect themselves from the excess of advertising.


Advertising helps a business to earn profits by enabling more people to know about the products and services. With the help of advertisements, a consumer gets the best possible options. But the greed and oligopoly in the advertising world has led us to forget that advertising is good. We are reminding people that.

The Solution / The Product

Agafos platform is to solve problem in two steps.

1. Build borderless user-generated system with smart ads based on blockchain technology; Our win-win ad system is effective for the advertiser, profitable for the customer, interesting for the user and involves all participants in charity.

2. Make the system fully decentralized.

We will offer:

NO intrusive ads - We offer our customers smart advertisements, which are interactive, beneficial, friendly and enjoyable.

NO intermediary companies - Our platform allows advertisers to place ads without all types of intermediaries and get high efficiency.

NO opacity - Agafos is based on a smart contract, therefore all actions are transparent. Since there is no middleman in our system, there is no reason to lower transparency.

NO miscommunication - Agafos platform is peer-to-peer connection. We connect customers, hosts and advertisers via direct communication.

NO extra costs - Agafos offers the lowest price to the advertising client. With Agafos platform you don't need middlemen to create ads. In addition, our system works on crypto currency.

NO advertising agency - At Agafos platform creating an online product is convenient for everyone.

NO borders - When Agafos will be positioned on global market, it would exist no bordersand every person/company will have opportunity to become Agafos's host, user or client.

NO traditional financial system - Agafos will have cryptocurrency system and will have their own tokens.

NO regulations - With Blockchain system Agafos will create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for sales, tracking digital use and payments to content creators, therefore it will be no longer the regulations.

NO ownership - Agafos will renounce the ownership and the system will be managed by users/customers

Distribution Of Tokens

Total supply - 1,000,000,000,000,000.00




Burned (Presale canceled)


Private Sale


Liquidity Pool


Marketing & Development


We charge 10% of every transaction

3% to Holders 3% to Marketing & Development 2% to Liquidity Pool 1% to Fundraising 1% is burning

Road Map


1. Beginning

  • Development of basic features
  • Testing virility of the system

2. Establishment

  • Launching ICO
  • Website performance optimization
  • ICO marketing campaign

3. Development

  • Adding new listings
  • Implement all features to launch New Ad System
  • ICO marketing campaign

4. Evolution

  • Implementing the Flock - governance token
  • Launching New Ad System
  • New Ad system promotion

5. Expansion

  • Expanding Worldwide

6. Transformation

  • Full Decentralization


Agafos LLC operates on the Georgian market since April 2020.

Today, Agafos Team consists of 14 members. Within less than year we have reached 15.000 – 30.000 visitors per day, and ranking in top 50 Georgian websites.

Why Georgia? (Country, not the State)

Because we love Georgia

And there are really favorable conditions for cryptocurrencies in Georgia for both business and individuals.

  • David Pateishvili

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Beqa Jolbordi

    Senior Tech-Lead & Co-founder
  • Ana Nemsitsveridze

    Head of Marketing Department
  • Lizi Paniashvili

    Web Designer
  • Tinatin Beradze

    Marketing Manager, TG Host

Frequently Asked Question

How to buy?

Why is RemeX Safe?

RemeX is safe for the reasons including but not limited to:

  • • RemeX is a part of long-term Agafos Project lead by experienced and devoted team aimed at creating value to the community.
  • • RemeX’s liquidity is locked
  • • RemeX’s smart contract is audited and indicated as safe.
  • • RemeX implemented anti-dumping measures such as:
    1. limiting team and private sale participants from selling more than 25% on quarterly bases;
    2. Sales for the presale participants are subject to additional tax – a 25% starting fee decreasing by 1% daily.

What are the Tokenomics ?

We charge 10% of every transaction with 3% redistributed to holders to reward investors, 2% going towards the liquidity pool, 1% of every transaction is burning to increase the value of the token, 1% goes to charity, 3% is for Marketing & Development

I’m having issues buying on Pancakeswap

If you have pancake swap errors

  1. Set slippage to 11-13%
  2. Delete the last 0 on the amount of RemeX you are buying and re add it
  3. Make sure you set Gwei to at least 10 (BSC is generally congested)
  4. Make the amount of RemeX you’re buying to all even numbers.
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